Lights, Camera, Sell some Books

Blog No. 183

The fun never ends in the world of Adventure Worlds. This week is no different. This weekend is likely going to be the first high point of the year (after the book launch that is). Christian and I are packing up his car and heading for London Ontario to spend three fabulous (likely rainy) days at Shock Stock. The three day horror convention is the largest event we’ve been a part of. It’s also the longest, furthest, and most expensive. Not only is the table a pretty penny, but we are staying in a hotel to boot (oh la, la). Add on some food, a few drinks, and the money we’re likely to spend on other people’s tables, and we’ll be lucky to break even.

Though, breaking even has been our goal from the start. We know we don’t have the names (or the work) to make a lot of money. So breaking even (or getting a little extra) is the best we can hope for. Sure, we could hold out for more, but I’m much more interested in getting my writing in the hands of an audience than turning a profit (at this point). So branching out to another city, and potentially an extended audience, is worth the risk. Plus, it should be fun.

I am not alone in liking trips, even working ones. Some people may not think having a table at a convention is that much work, but by golly it sure is. Bothering every passerby, all day long, feeding them a pitch about your book. Shaking hands, dragging boxes around, rushing to the bathroom while hoping to not miss anyone. It’s work alright. And when that much money is at stake, you have to work that much harder.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of other tables to see, parties afterwards, spending time in a different city, and above all else, you are selling your own book. So it’s not that bad. I’m excited, nervous, and tired already. Shock Stock could be the best event we’ve done yet, or the biggest flop. It’s one of those chances you have to take when you are betting on yourself. Succeed or die trying.

Quickly, before I get to part two of this post, I want to congratulate my friend and business partner Christian Laforet on finishing the first draft of his first novel. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it, and the first draft is a big step. There is a long way to go, but it’s all downhill now.

I’m leaving for London tomorrow (which is exciting) but yesterday, I was in a commercial.

“What? You?” I can hear you saying. And yes. Even though I can’t act my way out of a wet paper bag, I was asked to be in a local commercial. Pity the director.

I don’t want to get into too much of it now. I was to split next week’s blog the same as this one. I will say that I was super nervous and not at all prepared for the experience. Another local author (who I have worked with before) Vanessa Shields, also works with a local media company. (We all have day jobs at this level). She was kind (and crazy) enough to ask me to take part. Plus, it was a paid gig, and who can turn that down? So, on my day off, a few days before leaving for London, I drove out to Kingsville to have strangers video me saying things. It was surreal. I’m going to leave it all to ruminate and talk about the specifics next week. For now, stay titillated and with me luck in London.

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