The Weekend of Firsts

Blog No. 172

A few years ago (as documented in the deep bowels of this blog) I worked at Chapters. Initially, it was a love affair for the ages. Raises came quickly, the people were great, and I was surrounded by books. For a university list student, it was great. Eventually, all things must end, and my time at Chapters did just that. I moved on and (a little while later) started down the road of writing, perusing my dream of becoming a working writer, free from the shackles of any job, be it book based or otherwise.

During my time at Chapters, there were a few things that constantly ran through my mind. Gee, some of these books are terrible, how did they get published? Even I can write something that bad. Why aren’t I writing? And the big, Wow, some of these authors who come in to do singings are just people. I’m people. Why not me? There were other thoughts, but they mostly revolved around lunch and when my next break was. The pertinent ones are those first italicised thoughts. In January, a few years after leaving Chapters, I fulfilled the first of those quests. My book was published (by Christian and me) and it was put on the shelf in Chapters. Now, Saturday in fact (from 1pm to 4pm to be precise) I will be doing my first Chapter signing.

Looking at it from having been an employee, I’m just another schmuck who put out a book and has to shill it by hand to make any money back. As an author, I get to be one of those schmucks who bothers people at the mall, trying to sell my book to them!

It may not seem all that exciting, but it is to me. It’s like going back home, but now you’re a rock star, or something. Anyone there who knows me, I’m just going to be the Chapters guy (or the guy who used to work there) but to strangers, I’m an author, proudly selling his book, making the rounds. It’s a first that I’m excited for. Plus it’s great to have Christian there to take some of the slack. Talking to people for three hours straight is exhausting.

The following day is another first. I’m heading to Sarnia (again with Christian) to hit the Sarnia Pop Culture Show. It won’t me my first convention, but it is my first out of town con and my first trip out of town for author purposes. Oh, also, it’s going to be my first panel. Not sure what this one is going to entail, but it’s exciting none the less. (Though, I still have to do my research for it).

To top it all off, I have my first review in a magazine. Biz X, known around Essex county (and I’m sure beyond) did a review of No Light Tomorrow in their March issue’s From the Book Shelf. Thanks to Biz X for taking the interest and specifically to Marlene Markham-Gay for the review. I’ll have to grab a copy for my parents when I get the chance. It’s going to be a really busy week. Now I have to find time to get some writing done.

If you get the chance, come out to Chapters at Devonshire Mall this Saturday, March 12th from 1pm to 4pm. I’ll be there with Christian, shilling books and generally running amuck.

If you are going to be in Sarnia (or are from Sarnia) Check out the SPCS on Sunday March 13th. I’ll be there too, and I’ll be in a couple of the author panels they’re running.

Either way, have a great weekend and happy reading.


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