The Sickness

Blog No. 171

Over the last week or so, I have spent a bunch of days sick in bed (or on the couch). As is common knowledge, being sick sucks. It’s a big pain in the back side. The biggest issue I’ve had is the lack of productivity (other than the pain, maybe). Just last week, I had that boastful post about writing a novella, and I am no further along that I was. That also sucks. I’ve also not done any edits, or, oddly, much reading. To top it all off, spending so much time lying around has put my back out of sorts. Big, big pile of suck.

So here I am, felling like garbage, trying to use my brain, not doing a very good job. I should probably be putting my efforts into getting back on track with the novella, but I feel the need to get the blog done, even if it’s a less than stellar one this week. It’s a strange compulsion, the blog. In the most basic sense, it’s become a habit (a handy thing to have, a habit that result in my doing some writing). I’ve written about it before, and about trying to build a similar habit with my fiction writing. It was (and still is) my major focus this year (in the area of my budding writing career). But alas, even before the illness, I was struggling. Being sick has just added an excuse I didn’t need into the mix.

Ramble, ramble. What else? I suppose I’m feeling better than I was at the start of the sick. It’s hanging on, but it was much worse. With that in mind, I suppose it eliminates the excuses at least partially. There’s no reason why, at this point, I can’t at least pick away at it. Not that there was anything other than my sulking and fatigue getting in the way at first. But if I still feel like this in another day or two, I’m going to go to the clinic. Chances are there isn’t anything to be done, but anything sticking around for this long should be checked out.

I don’t think I have anything else to add for this week. With a little luck, I’ll be on the mend and back to full writing force in no time. I know not spending so much time in bed is going to feel great on my back. (When did I get old?). That leaves this as a short and scattered post. I suppose I’m entitled to a few.


Christian and I are prepping for the next couple events coming up this March.

– We have a signing at Chapters in Devonshire Mall on March 12th from 1 to 4pm

– We’ll be at the Sarnia Pop Culture Show on March 13th from 10am to 6pm

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