Mad At Last Night Ben

Blog No. 170

            Ever since I wanted to write (even before I did anything about it) there was always a long list of stories I planned to finish. Some of them were going to be comics, or films, or both, then books, stories, novels, or television shows. Sometimes it wavered between several. The point being, I had (and still have) a bunch of stories I want to write. Magically (through the art of hard work and tons of support) I have written some of those stories. Some of them have even turned out well. It’s amazing what a little work and consistency can do. Currently my list of projects (currents and forthcoming) is short. While I want to get to everything eventually, I have to be practical. I have four projects I want to finish this year (if not more, but probably less). Two of those I am currently working on and feel like I should do some kind of an update thing. (If for no other reason than to keep myself accountable).

Right now my main focus is a novella. To some of you, that may be a surprise. I was hard at work on a novel last year, making updates and getting edits. I’ve not stopped working on it, it’s just taken a back seat. The novella is a project that I have wanted to do since high school. Back then it was just a mess of an idea with something in the core that I liked. (Mostly wish fulfillment). Over the years I’ve tried to write it in several different formats, and even made a recent attempt last year. It was a half-assed attempt, at best, but it happened. With all the work put into No Light tomorrow, the novel writing ground to a halt. With all the things I’m still doing for the collection (and Adventure Worlds, the Zine, Edits, etc) I didn’t feel capable of jumping back into a book meant to be long, interconnected, and suffering (as a writing process at least). But I did have the start to that novella.

In January, I began at the beginning and started the novella from scratch. The idea of doing a novella was foremost in my mind (a series actually) and the story fit perfectly for that medium. Forsaking all I had written before (other than a few glances to see if I made anything worse) I set off to finish a book in a very short time span. The self imposed deadline was arduous (and as it turns out not within my grasp as I’ve fallen short). Re-evaluating in February, I set a new goal that, while still a challenge, was possible. I wanted to write it quickly for so many reasons. I wanted to take advantage of all the events we are already paying for, keep the story moving quickly, and finally finish something more than fifteen thousand words.

Even with the breakneck pace, the quality has improved from any other iteration. It’s a tough thing to write something knowing you’ll be better in the future, but how can you get better if you don’t write it now? (Depth!) For now I am working on that novella, trying to get it finished for May. That’s written, edited (several times), layout finished, cover done, alternate cover, printed, and shipped. Having just finished No Light, I know it’s a heck of a list and I could get hung up at any one of those points. I really hope it isn’t the writing. How terrible would that be?

It’s a lot of work, but I need to do that work, and so much more. Plus, leaning from all the mistakes I made with the design and layout of No Light, I’m sure I can get this one done in a third of the time. It’ll be a heck of a feat to accomplish and I’m going to feel pretty great when it’s over. But last night I took it easy and told myself I would get more done today. Which is that much harder. So I’m not on speaking terms with last night Ben. He’s a lazy jerk.


Pilot: Book One

Word Count: 15000 of 40000

First Draft Deadline: March 31st

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