Book Signings and the Other Side of the Fillmore

12507456_10100559112920459_5901495416298332388_nBlog No. 167

January is over and I had my first book signing over the weekend. So far this year has been pretty special. I put out a book (with Christian), we had a fantastic launch event, I were invited for literacy day at a local school, and Biblioasis invited me to do my first signing. And that’s just January. Every month through May has its own share of events, and we are still making plans and receiving invitations. It’s been amazing.

If you haven’t been to Biblioasis, you are missing out. It’s a books store that started on Ouellette many years ago is now in Walkerville. Sometime around that move (I couldn’t tell you when but they were in limbo for a bit) the owner got into publishing. Now the main focus is the publishing. It actually allows the store to function by bringing in enough money for a staff and events. The building itself is really neat, as are the books that fill it (at least some of them). Everyone I’ve met on the staff has been nice and genuine book lovers. They host readings, multimedia events, and (if you’ve been paying attention) signings. Christian has been invited to do readings there before (thanks to his book The Space Between Houses), and we have gone to many of their other functions. It’s always an interesting time with interesting people.

Being welcome there (our book is in their system and the signing) is something I value. They are people who take their books seriously, and in terms of independent publishers and book stores, they are the biggest game in town. While other stores have the goods and the passion, they aren’t all taking it to the same level and publishing the books they love. It’s a similar thing being a writer who is working to put out books verses a writer who only posts things online, or only does submissions. They still work hard and love what they do, but there is an extra connection holding a book you created from scratch (minus the printing that is).

Some wonderful people came to see us at the signing. It’s been the same nearly everywhere I go. Supportive people who are excited about what I’m doing, eagerly buy the book, and ask what’s next. People I have fond memories of (but haven’t seen in a very long time) have heard about the book and came to the signing, the launch, and have send emails. We didn’t manage to sell to too many local customers (a true sign of a success) but we have sold more than a hundred books in January (since the 9th). I’m really proud and appreciative of that.

The day before the Biblioasis signing, a friend came to town and we went over toe border to see a show at the Fillmore. Those of you who have read this blog for a few years (or have gone back to read some of the old ones) should know about my previous experiences there. Two years in a row, my brother’s band, Inoke Errati, played at the Fillmore. It is an incredible venue and it was a twice in a lifetime experience to be back stage there. I was a lowly roadie, but I was welcomed in the greenroom and got to see the signatures of all the incredible bands who have played there (they all signed along the walls up the stairs to the various rooms).

This time I was in front of the stage, enjoying the show and the fantastic building (adorned with huge knights and several chandeliers). I don’t have a ton of experience on my own in Detroit. I know several people who go over regularly and I want to go to some of the places they talk about. So driving over, finding parking and a place to eat near the venue was a good experience and good experience. We had a burger at the state (and a couple of local pints) and sat up on the balcony.

The band was as great as the venue, making for a really fun day. I was pretty tired the next morning for the singing, but good experiences are invaluable for a writer. Which I am. A writer who had a signing at Biblioasis.

Check out the Events tab (on the top of this page) to see the current events. Next, Christian and I will be at SyndiCon on February 14th, in Windsor.

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