Literacy and Signatures

Blog No. 166

Friday is Literacy day at a local grade school and I’ve been invited to go. I will be going to a grade 8 class and both kindergarten classes (thought I don’t think it is kindergarten any more). It is an exciting proposition, though a bit intimidating. I have a teaching degree and some experience with students, so I know how badly it can all go. I don’t expect it to go badly though. It should be great. Any kind of public speaking can be daunting, and I am still getting the hang of those readings. It would be different if I was hip (or something) but I’m rather not, so we’ll see if I can fake it for half an hour. I’ll be asked some questions (hopefully, otherwise that’ll be an awkward half a presentation) and if things go really well, I’ll inspire some students to not risk it all on a pipe dream. I mean, follow their dreams and rainbows and stuff.

You may be asking yourself, what age group No Light tomorrow is suited for. The answer is not grade school students. Not as a whole at least. There is a part in Slow Hallway that is tame enough for the grade 8s (and will hopefully still hold their interest). Poor Christian is trying for a story out of The Space Between Houses. Still, there is nothing in either books that will be suitable for the young ones. I’ve been asked to find a book I enjoyed as a child and to bring that. I chose The Hockey Sweater. It’s a classic, so some of them may know it, but it’s a good one, so I’m bringing it. I had to go buy one, which was a little odd. I don’t spend much time with kids (other than my nephew and I don’t spend nearly enough time with him). Going to a book store to buy a kid’s book was awkward. There weren’t any kids around, which was nice, but being a single guy, I feel like people expect me to be a weirdo. (I am, but not like that.) The book is way longer than I remember. It’s not really that long, but for little ones, it must seem to go on and on.

I’m interested in hearing the questions I get from the kindergarteners more than the older kids. (Also, how funning is it that the youngest grade has the most difficult name?) I’m really hoping for some of those bewilderingly simple or off topic ones that they blurt out excitedly. “No I don’t have a bunny. I do think Chester is a good name for one though.” Likely (from my limited experience) the older kids will be less interested and just happy when it’s over (except for the time off of regular class). Either that or anyone with a question may be too shy to put up their hand. You never know though, they may surprise me.

188461_222899464509545_1688424908_nOn to a slightly different topic. The following day (Saturday January 30th) Christian and I will be at Biblioasis from 11 to 3 signing books and generally being entertaining. It’s going to be an older crowed than the school kids, I assume. Biblioasis has been very supportive of us over that last few years. We are fans of the store and the publisher, as well as friends with some of the staff. No Light and Space are both there full time. They do a good job with most local books, but not everyone gets invited to events and gets to do a signing (I think. Maybe people just don’t ask?) It should be a grand day. The customers at Biblioasis are fantastic (as is the store and staff). If you haven’t been, now is a perfect time. See the store and get a signed book.

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