After the Event

Blog no. 164

PrelaunchThat went well. No sarcasm needed. The book launch last Saturday was a smashing success. Before I delve into it, very special thanks to Phog Lounge, Brendan Friel, and Justin Cantelo for being part of the event. Also, to all the people who came out to celebrate No Light with us. We moved a bunch of books and packed the house. As far as book launches/readings/concerts go, that was the best one I’ve been to (and I was part of it).

The whole thing went by at super speed, like when you fast forward a VHS tape. In my mind there were even the blur lines. I suppose I’m not the first person to pour so much time and effort (and worry) into something to have it flash by. I hardly even got to hear Brendan play (which is tragic because he’s great). Between kind of shared MC guy, fretting over my reading, making sure the merch table was set, shaking hands, and signing books, being in the moment was tough. There are a few stand out memories I will cherish (for as long as my memory holds out), but so much more that I’ve relived through the accounts of others.

The idea for the event is as old as the idea for the book. As soon as we went to our first reading, we knew we wanted to do something different. Event taking the familiar path means a lot of work, time, and risk. Trying something a bit different takes a little more. We had some experience going to CD release shows, and wanted to merge some of the aspects of each to make something new and exciting. Fast paced, entertaining, fun, inclusive. All the ideas we brainstormed ended up working out (if not in the same ways we planned). While it wasn’t perfect (as few things are) the response was overwhelmingly positive, and that’s all you can hope for. We even had a few people (musicians and writers) ask us how we put it together, and what we have next. It’s a great feeling finishing something, it’s even better when it works out. By the time things were counted and packed up, I was asleep on my feet. I had intended to go celebrate, but I was in bed by 10:30.

Ben launchI do wish my reading went better. I practiced the heck out of it. People were kind with their comments, but I know I can do better next time. Which is what it’s all about. I’ve got one under my belt, the next will be that much easier. I am happy with how the less structured elements went. I had an idea what I wanted to say at the beginning and before my reading, but I intentionally left it fluid, and it worked out alright (though my picture of the crowed didn’t). At the end of the day, it was a lot of fun for me and the audience. We moved a lot of books for one event, and managed to entertain a mixed crowed. The posters went up late (and on the worst day of the year) the books were finished last minute (but in time for the show) and we have a long way to go to break even. But it was a great first step, and the most successful book launce I’ve ever had.

Our next event is a signing at Biblioasis on Saturday, January 30th in the afternoon.

Following that, we will be at Syndicon of February 14th.

You can currently get books at Biblioasis, Chapters, or from me.


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