Big Announcements!

Blog No. 162

I hope you’ve already seen these things, but I’m going for total coverage, so get ready to see it all over again. I suspect that I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled drivel in no time, but this is all so important to me, I’ve got to go against all my instincts and spread the word. I have at least three things to share (I may drift into more because it’s my style, but I’m going to try to stick to it).

To preface it all, I hope whatever time off and celebrations you may have had were/are spectacular. I had a nice family Christmas as usual and other than the few times I had to go in for rentals, I don’t go back to work until the 5th. So that pretty great. I just wish I were using the time more productively (as usual) but I’ve actually gotten a bunch done (not as usual). Over last weekend, the poster for the No Light Tomorrow book launch were finished and printed. At the same time, we (meaning Christian and myself) finished the December Zine (number six if we’re counting and there are numbers on them so we are). Though, more could always be done. And I’ve already mentioned two of the things, but let’s break them down.

First, the No Light Tomorrow book launch is on the horizon. In just over a week you can come to Phog to see the music of Brendan Friel, and hear readings from Christian and me. You’ll be able to get your copy of No Light, and it will be the only time you can get the limited edition cover. We made that poster and blanketed the city. While you’re reading this, we’re still finding places to put them, so if you can think of any, fire away! We’re super excited to finally have a book for the people who have been supporting us for so long, but there is room for new readers too. If you haven’t seen the facebook event page, here it is ( Spread the good word.

Next, the long awaited December Zine is out. We managed to get them printed along with the poster, so they are out and bout too. We have a lot more places to hit with them, so stay tuned. It’s the sixth one we’ve made and the last for the year. It’s also an all Finders Issue (meaning it’s made up of all Finders and all the current comics are in there). We’re really happy with it and the two new ads on the back as well. So thanks to AH Some Records and Game Cycle 2 for their new ads, and Anchor Coffee House and Paper Heroes for their continued support. They are all business we enjoy and are happy to advertise, so give them a try. Sadly, the future of the Zine is in flux. It is unlikely we will do another four in 2016. We may not do any. With our focus changing to books, maintaining the blog and the Zines is that much more difficult. I think I’ll have the itch to do at least a couple of them though. If the fantastic Drink and Draw crew is willing to keep providing free art, I’ll be happy to fit the bill (and take the time).

Speaking of which, the newest Finders is up on Adventure Worlds. It’s a good one with art done by Dominique Gaudet (her first Finders appearance). She did a great job capturing the expressions as well as Bernum and Roop in her own style (a concept we wanted to explore from the start). Go check it out, you’ll get a kick out of it (

I think that’s about it. Make sure to share the Joy of Adventure Worlds and the good word of No Light Tomorrow. The more successful it is, the more we can invest in writing! Happy New Year.

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