Zine 005

Blog No. 150

HalloweenFindersClipI know some people (out of the few who read this) are probably tired of hearing about the Zines all the time. They are a flimsy little booklet akin to what high school students create to prove they aren’t part of the system (or whatever). While they may not be anything spectacular, they are a really cool thing to have and make, so for the time being, we are staying the course and Zine 005 is here. We still have to distribute it, but they will be printed and ready to go as of Friday. Out of all the ones we have done so far, this one is my favourite.

This one is starting to garner a bit of a history. As stated before, this year our plan was to print four Zines on a quarterly basis. The first one came out in March and the second in June. That meant that this one was scheduled for September.

“But wait.” You may be saying to yourself. “It’s October. What happened?”

A mix of late ideas, common laziness, and an fantastic plan, led to the delay on the fifth Zine. Due to the proximity of Halloween (a favourite holiday of mine and, as it turns out, Christian’s) we decided to focus it as a special holiday issue. Everything from the stories to Finders is Halloween themed, so holding it closer to the date made sense. While that allowed us some time, we did still intend to release it in September, but some time late in the month. With that in mind, we are still behind, but not as badly as initially planned. At least that’s where our head is right now.

CacoSo while we aren’t sticking to our own, arbitrarily imposed, guidelines, the deviation is for a good cause. It led to a really fun Zine that was a blast to make. The Halloween story project Christian and I did last year fits perfectly, as does the Finders, drawn again, expertly, by Nikita Why. The cover, as fitting as can be, is by Alex Morneau, and we even got long time contributor Edele Winne to write us an appropriately themed short in a day. Every one is busy on their own work (along with the daily duties of life) so sometimes things take time, but it was all worth it. Trust me, you’re going to love this one. If you don’t have the other ones, issue 005 may make you ask for some reprints to complete the set. If you want any, let us know. I’ll see what I can do.

As early as Friday we will be distributing in the local places, so keep your eyes peeled. If there are any places we missed, please tell us so we can rectify that.

Adventure Worlds Zines can be found at:

Anchor Coffee House

Squirrel Cage

Coffee Exchange




Walkerville Brewery

Dr. Disc


Rogues Gallery

Border City Comics

Paper Heroes

Game Cycle

And many more

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