Leaving things behind

Blog No. 130

I love the format of a short story. There is artistry in writing a really good story that fits in a small space, but feels larger than it is. All of my humble beginnings in reading and writing began with short stories, even the genre I am most drawn to, SciFi if you haven’t guessed, was proliferated through the short stories published in the magazines in the 40s and 50s (and even earlier). I’ve written about it before, so I won’t go into too much depth, but I think, even with novels being the major way to make a living as a writer, I will still find time to write short stories for the rest of my life. It’s the same with this blog, almost. I have no idea what the future of this blog, or the format that it currently is in, will be.

Really, none of us know what is around the corner, but I don’t even have any major plans beyond keeping it going next week (and maybe the week after that). I plan of finishing the first draft of my novel by the end of the summer (say August) and from there, have it out by the end of the year, but I really don’t know what’s going to happen. The Zine has two more issues to go for the year (and we are hard at work on the June issue) but beyond that, it’s all “we’ll see” and “if things work out”. It’s hard to tell when something changes from a balloon to an anchor, especially when you fall in love with it along the way. The best answer is sometimes cutting off what is holding us back, but it’s hard to tell when the right time is and it hurts, even if it’s for the best.

The majority of the work that goes into all things Adventure Worlds currently come from Christian (haven’t plugged his site in a while, http://christianlaforet.com) and myself. We have plenty of plans and wild dreams fueled by our writer’s imaginations, but when we really take a look at our situation, nothing is solidified. Goals are great, but (I’m using the word but a lot in this one) sometimes you have to look at the larger situation. I suppose I shouldn’t speak for Christian, but I’m not just making this stuff up. We have discussed the future of Adventure Worlds (with a focus on reality) and the future looks grim. Both of us want to move forward with our writing and that leaves less time for the blog. We would love to keep posting every week, but so far we are covering half of every month and still scrounging for submissions. The submissions are great, we appreciate and enjoy every one we’ve gotten, but the plan was always to step back and have other people cover more of the posts. Then there is the administration of it all.

So far this year, the views on Adventure Worlds (and this blog to be honest) have been disheartening. Really, we are up over last year, but all of last year was a steady increase, and January was the highest we’ve ever seen, and since then it’s been a struggle. While we love the blog, it is a tool. If it isn’t growing, it’s dying and we can’t afford to spend the time an effort to keep it going if it isn’t working for us. We have too many other things (like writing books) to worry about. That’s not to say we are throwing in the towel. We already have more views this year than our first two years combined, and our number of visitors is up. Things aren’t dire, plus we have plenty of other things brewing that we want to try before becoming reclusive novelists. How would you like to see the Adventure Worlds writers live, doing stuff? We’re working on exactly what that stuff may entail. So stay tuned.

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