Crazy Christmas Capers

Blog No. 110

I’m writing this one on Christmas Eve. I am one of those people who celebrate the day, so things have been very busy. Even in a regular holiday season, time and money gets tight. This year, Christmas is followed by my friend’s wedding. I’m the best man, so my duties are piling up a bit. I’m happy to do it, but I would recommend that anyone looking to get married in the latter half of December take that into account. I have to travel, write a speech, get my suit and shoes, make a playlist for the after party, pack, and something else I am going to forget until the last minute. Right now I’m putting off wrapping presents (because it’s not fun). It’s busy.

Normally, getting a new suit, especially for a special occasion, can be a lot of fun. I get to find a piece of clothing that universally looks good on guys and not struggle with my lack of style. The salespeople can make most of the decisions for me. It’s great. My friend (the groom) was getting a bespoke suit, so I tried to go to the limit to match his assured garmented prowess. I found a suite online that looked great and had a decent price. It was risky and I hemmed and hawed over it until the last minute, but I ordered it. You can probably guess what happened. I got scammed. I really should have known better, I’m usually overly cautious about things like that. But here we are. The week before the wedding, I had no suit and I had already invested a bunch of money. With the Christmas spending in full swing, I was tapped.

I planned my day, zooming from one suit store to the next, and back (thankfully gas prices are down). I had plenty of other tasks to accomplish that day too, but the suit was my priority. I started at Moores (there is a nice one close to where I live. In well under and hour, I was out the door with my suit off to be tailored. I picked it up on Monday and everything is great (except for the fact that I paid for it twice due to my ineptitude). The woman who helped me was sympathetic and very helpful. She was able to make a bunch of the decisions for me (like I need) and I now have a suit that looks good and fits.

I still have to finish up the speech, pack, celebrate Christmas with my family, and get my but to Toronto, but I have one step done. I should probably get my wrapping done first though. It’s sitting on my bed mocking me.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate, have a great day either way. My next post is going to be in the new year!

Also, the second Zine is done and distributed. If you live in Windsor (or the surrounding area) you can get it at:

The Squirrel Cage

The Coffee Exchange


Anchor Coffee House

Paper Heroes

Rogues Gallery



Walkerville Brewery

The Arts Council

Any maybe others if we find the time to keep distributing before we run out.

If you can’t get one there, go to Adventure Worlds and you can view it there, or even print a copy yourself.

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