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Guest Post No. 1

Today’s post is by fellow writer and member of Adventure Worlds, Justin Cantelo. He approached me about doing the guest blog a couple of weeks back at our writer’s retreat and I jumped at the chance to take a week off – I mean explore the voice of another writer on my blog. The problem is that I am so uptight and nervous about this whole every week posting thing that I went ahead and wrote a whole blog post anyway and deleted it so I wouldn’t get rusty. (I may or may not have exaggerated that line). So, without further adieu, I am happy to present the first guest post of Ben Works.


Out of My Element!

So yeah, as the title says, I am definitely out of my element. When I first discussed with Ben about possibly making a guest appearance on his blog, I was like man I’ve got this. Then reality hit me, and I realized, nope I don’t have the same magical touch. What do I do? Well I guess, go with the flow.

You see, writers are all different creatures. We all have different habits and different ways of doing things, but the one thing we hold in common is that want to tell stories and share words with ‘people’. We all have different methods and different triggers.

For me, one of my biggest creative triggers are the elements. I’m talking about Earth, Water, air and Fire, each of these have acted as triggers for me, none more than Water. I don’t know what it is about it, but when I am near it, or in it I feel energized. I feel my creative energies flow.

It’s funny, when I am taking a shower or taking a dip in the pool (yeah I’ve got one of those) I am hit with all sorts of ideas, sometimes they are brand new ideas, but more often than not, they are already existing ideas coming back to the front of my mind. It is as if the water is a conductor for these ideas, bringing forth existing thoughts and ideas, allowing me to add new details and layers to them.

The only problem is, these ideas, these thoughts and reformed layers don’t stick around long. It is almost as if the moment I leave the water they start to fade away. It is much like that feeling you get when experiencing déjà vu, like something you’ve seen or done before, but there is a fog that covers it up, you know there is something there but you just can’t seem to get to it.

In the past I’ve tried to keep a notepad and even a recorder near so I can jot down ideas, but I’m sure you can see just how messy that can turn out. Water isn’t necessarily the most forgiving substance when it comes to paper or god forbid electronic devices. Heck I’ve even tried one of those dry erase boards designed for showers but with the steam (cause I’m selfish and take up all the hot water), that didn’t pan out either.

So one of my greatest assets when it comes to my creative mind, is also one of my worst enemies. I mean I’m an Aquarius, so me and water share a connection, I just need to find a way to make those fleeting creative thoughts linger a little longer, maybe I should try taking some Ginkgo Biloba to enhance my memories. While water has always been the best element in helping me with my creativity, I would be remiss in denying that the other three have also had an impact to varying degrees.

I find with fire, it is the real activity of being near the fire that stimulates my creativity. I will often sit outside in front of a nice fire, and just take it in. Watching the fire crackle and the smoke spiral into the sky. Listening the burning wood communicate in its own language. While it is quieter than with water I can feel the ideas in my mind start to warm up, it isn’t as big a rush but it’s still there.

With earth, it is also much smaller energy that I feel, when I am truly connected with the earth. Like when I am at the beach with no shoes on, just my feet to earth, or when I am doing landscaping (something I only do after being asked to a million times by my parents). When I have my hands and feet covered with earth, I can feel the conductivity between my creativity and the elements, much like water it is something entirely physical that stimulates the creativity.

Air is the weakest of all four of the elements for me. Maybe it is because I have yet to learn how to harness this connection to it fullest potential. I seem to only gain a small amount of connectivity with the element of air and my own creativity, when I am absolutely still. When I am sitting at the riverfront on a bench, music flowing through my ears, my eyes closed and the breeze coming off the water, that is when it hits. It might have more to do with the other stimulation involved, be it the music or anything else, maybe I just need to learn some breathing exercises, or just maybe I’m just much better with water.

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger

  1. Thanks for the guest post Justin. It’s just what the doctor ordered. I may have to do a counter point to your thoughts on elements in an upcoming post of my own.

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