Why am I writing this Blog?

Blog No. 52

What is the point of writing this every week?  It isn’t fun (not in the “whee I’m on a swing” kind of fun at least).  I do get enjoyment out of it but it’s more the kind of enjoyment I get when I finish exercising.  I don’t get enjoyment from the activity itself, but I am always happy when it’s over and I feel proud that I actually managed to do it.  It’s much like exercising in that it’s a lot of hard work that seems pointless at the time but ends up paying off in the end.  That and I usually sweat and make weird faces.

If it’s not fun, why do I do it?  I’m not getting paid or getting anything tangible out if it.  Not yet at least.  Partly I write this blog because I am very opinionated and easily frustrated and I like to have a place to work that stuff out.  And work it out I do.  Anyone who reads this thing even occasionally has probably figured out that I tend to start each post with little more than a vague idea and a title.  I spend the first couple paragraphs stumbling around making contradictory statements and by the end I have worked something out (which is occasionally that I have no idea what I’m talking about or a paralyzed lack of opinion from trying to see both sides).  Even if the post feels wishy-washy I come out the other side with a better sense for the topic I was complaining about and I get to feel like that particular complaint or frustration is excised.  In the rare occasion that I am not complaining about something I feel like I have shared and that is just as good.

Along with the working out the problem aspect I get the bonus feeling that I have aired my frustration.  People like to be heard and I am no exception to this.  Sure it’s a little frustrating when people don’t automatically agree with you (or me) but even in those cases an intellectual connection is made and that is as worthwhile as agreement.  Besides, I do love a spirited debate (though my friends are onto something when they tell me I get too into it.  This is all under the assumption that people are reading my blog.  I do know that some people are reading it but at its best the numbers are underwhelming.  That strangely doesn’t dampen the feeling.  As every consumer relations expert knows the feeling of being heard is sometimes as good as actually being heard.  (The customer is rarely right but that’s a whole other post).

I, like many other “creative” individuals have a problem turning off my brain.  This is often helpful when I am in the creative mode, but when I am at work or doing the dishes the crap piles up (and it’s not always brilliant story ideas I can use later).  I need to expunge the nonfiction nonsense that fills my head so I can focus on my fiction writing over at Adventure Worlds (lets never forget that I write short stories with a couple of guys over at Adventure Worlds).  This blog is a way I can turn the faucet and let the cold water run while I wait for it to warm up (with the added bonus is that I can use that cold water to make Kool-Aid or something).

The big idea that lead to the formation of this blog is much less altruistic.  I am attempting (or am going to attempt) to use this blog as a way to help create a group of followers who may one day be interested in buying my book.  It also works as a good supplement for the fiction over at Adventure Worlds.  There is more for people to read and maybe people who like one blog will like the other.  That was part of the inspiration for Adventure Worlds.  A group of writers who need support and can share burdens (like growing a fan base and trying to get unbiased feedback).

With that in mind, Adventure Worlds is starting to slowly get some followers, which is appropriate because we are starting to get our act together over there.  We have a lot of stuff planned for the New Year but that doesn’t mean anything if the writing isn’t there.  So far, it is but it has to get so much better.  This blog helps me get from here to there.  It has already helped me get from where I was to where I am.  Who knows where it could lead me?  I just have to come up with next week’s topic now.

2 thoughts on “Why am I writing this Blog?

  1. Christian Laforet

    Lol, I pretty much hate the actual process of writing 90% of the time. But there is nothing better than reading over a finished piece and thinking to yourself, damn this is good!
    And hey, there’s always the Kool Aid 🙂

  2. It’s an especially cool feeling when you write in a notebook like me. Even my scribbles and scrawls look cool covering a page. Plus, when you start with blank pages and get to flip though a finished story that filled up so many of them you are (or I am at least) amazed that you were able to do that.
    Also, Kool-Aid is as good now as it was when we were kids. I stand by that statement.

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