I Finished another Story

Blog No. 47

To be honest I should say that I sort of finished.  The story is written (by hand in my notebook) and I even added “The End” and everything.   With that said, there is still a lot to go into finishing it.  I still have to type it up, give it a first draft edit and send it over to my writing buddies for their edits but after however many months it’s been (it feels like a million) the part where I sit and write the story is over.  But there is so much more to do.

I don’t want to dwell too much on the negative (which isn’t really all that much of a negative).  Sure it took a while to write but there were also a lot of things the group had to sort out like when we get together regularly (the time I find I am most motivated to write) and when we should be posting.  Hopefully you have started to notice a pattern over at Adventure Worlds.  That’s assuming you read this blog regularly and then go and read that blog regularly (both things I highly recommend).   While I have somehow managed to write a post every Thursday on this blog we have stumbled along and have now settled on putting up a post almost every Monday at Adventure worlds.  As it stands we really only have three members so we have opted to follow the rotation and have a skip week each month. 

Part of the reason why we’ve gone with rotating Mondays and a skip week is to have a simple pattern to start with and expand from.  Back at the start of the year we were posting all willy nilly and would often post over each other then have weeks with nothing.  We decided to try to keep our posts to Monday but with Justin writing smaller pieces and wanting to establish himself on the blog he decided to post on some Thursdays (which works as a midpoint between the Mondays).  We’re still working out the details but it means that if other people want to post stories either regularly or sporadically we have something in place so we can have semi regular content and extras that don’t fall all over the place (or itself).  There is also room to play with posting.  I still have about half of my story to post, and at one post a month that could lead me well into next year.  I could try to post more either filling in that empty Monday or even doing a double week posting on Monday and Thursday.  We have options.  More importantly we have a regular schedule, which will allow readers (like yourself) to have a schedule to follow and content to read.  The schedule also gives us clear deadlines to follow which most writers find to be a pain in the – I mean helpful. 

All of this scheduling is a good thing, but it’s really all about the stories – and mine is almost done.  That was my main point but I wanted to mention the scheduling because it has a direct effect on how my story will be finished.  I mentioned to Justin that I am trying to make my next story shorter.  He had some good things to say about at least I’m writing and the story should be as long as it is (our blog doesn’t have any length or content rules) and we are really just putting up our first drafts, which are all true statements, but I think writing one or two stories a year isn’t good enough.  We are gearing up for more projects next year but I think that the blog and my short stories should ramp up rather than take a back seat. 

There are also all kinds of writing tropes like tightening up stories and getting to the point and throwing away your first five chapters and they are all good points.  I also feel like I have an entire decade to make up for.  But I have to look at the positive too.  I finished another story and already started the next one.  I am getting better at writing daily and I’ve only missed one deadline this year.  There is forward movement in my writing and I have a couple of partners who are going through the same things.  We are helping each other keep our perspective (whether I want perspective or not) but more importantly we are inspiring each other to write and post and think of bigger things.  I finished my third story for the blog (and probably my fifth ever) and I’m working on the next one.  That feels pretty good.

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