Another September

Blog No. 44

The first few days of September have given me a taste of my favorite time of year.  The weather was cool and the sky slightly overcast (without the dread of rain).  Most people around me are mourning summer and sullenly accepting that winter is around the corner but I was eagerly looking forward to autumn.  Personally I am a big fan of changing seasons; I like each one for different reasons.  Though while they all have their advantages there are always shortcomings.  The winter cold (and in this area slush) is as draining as its short days and early nights.  Spring is a relief from winter but is also sopping wet and the bugs start making their comeback. The summer is warm and fun, but I would rather deal with the winter cold than a summer inferno.

Then there is autumn.  The weather is cool and still bright.  The air feels fresh and the leaves change colour.  (Give me autumn foliage over summer fireworks any day).  The bugs start to die off and it’s the best time of year to own a convertible.  For me there is only one downside to autumn.  It’s a short (sometimes harsh) respite before the decline into the dark cold winter.

Even with the (few) detractors with autumn weather there are a ton of positives I always anticipate.  One of the big ones is the kids going back to school.  That may seem like an odd one considering I don’t have kids, but kids are everywhere and as a person who doesn’t always get along with them I am happy when they are corralled and occupied.  Besides, school (for all its huge flaws) is a great environment for them. A personal (and petty) annoyance comes for my facebook page being inundated with pictures of kids going back to school.  I know I can just ignore it but any time anything takes up the majority of my social consciousness I tend to get annoyed by it.

There is also the whole going to school for my education degree and not having a teaching job thing too, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother those around me.  I have come to accept the situation as it is and attempt to deal with things I have power over – like writing.  What not going to school (in any capacity) does mean though it that the change doesn’t mean as much as it used to.  I have a few nice memories of old times and both dreading and looking forward to the new school year.  My memory is not so hot though and the bulk of it is a hazy blur.  But what I do remember gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to get in touch with friends.

It’s amazing how drastically our reality changes.  I have had a few big life changes in the past ten years (from going away for school to getting ill and moving in with my brother).  I am the kind of person who (with no real input from my brain) lives in the moment.  My life is completely encompassed by my current situation and any other type of life I have lead is a vague memory of another person entirely.

But back to the fall!  What kind of clothing is better than autumn appropriate clothing?  None, that’s what.  Sweaters, jeans and hoodies are the most comfortable (and in my opinion the most stylish) clothing around.  It’s the perfect mix of wearing warm enough clothing to be comfortable and not having go deal with crazy temperature changes from inside to outside.  Shorts may be freeing, but only necessary in the summer heat.  My hatred of pants is well known (and that includes shorts) but I am strangely ok with sweatpants in the winter.  It’s necessary sure, but I don’t wear them begrudgingly.  I don’t mind them much at all.  But the real thrill is a layer of sweater and jeans perfectly interacting with crisp autumn air creating a comfortable middle ground of not too hot and not too cold.

With that in mind I’d like to mention the concept of dealing with hot or cold extremes.  When it’s cold outside (and/or inside) you can easily do a number of things to warm up.  Putting on another layer, moving around, using a blanket or cuddling up close with someone are great solutions.  What can you do in extreme heat?  Not move and hide in the basement (assuming you have one); poor choices at best.

While autumn provides the perfect weather the short days are a real downside.  The dark is depressing and for people like my dad who would go to work in the dark, work in a dark factory all day and come home in the dark it’s devastating.  The fall isn’t as bad as the winter but the decline is obvious and probably the single worst part of the season.  But though the long summer days are wonderful, the sun has its problems too.  A hot car is much worse than a cold car.  Even on a beautiful day a car in the summer can be an oven.  Plus too much sun is bad for your skin (some more than others – me included) and sunburns are terrible.  In any season I have always been a fan of overcast days whether I’m outside or inside.

Each season has its own games and fun and I admit that I look forward to spring and summer, but nothing can beat autumn.  In every way I can think of it’s the best time of year.  I plan on enjoying every minute of it.

3 thoughts on “Another September

  1. melschnarr

    Great ramblings! Just kidding. I really like this.

    I’d have disagree with you on the hot car vs. cold car scenario. I’d take searing my arm on a hot dashboard over that unique agony of sitting down on a frozen seat only have the cold rush up your back. But in general, I agree – cold weather over hot weather for the win.

  2. Thanks – I strive for greatness.

    I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Both hot or cold car scenarios are not fun but you can still bundle up in a cold car.

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