The First Days of Spring

Blog No. 22

Dear Readers,

Today I spent some time looking at my blogs and the blogs of my friends.  After a while I started to wonder what my blog might be about.  I don’t exactly have a topic or even a goal.  I’m not saying that there has to be one, but one would think (I would at least) that over time a major theme might emerge and everyone would be like: “Oh, yeah, that’s the blog that’s all about X.”  (X being possibly my narcissistic ravings or coffee or something).

I suppose my blog came out of writing.  There are a few posts dedicated to the topic and I mention it a lot in other posts but that’s not what it’s all about.  It could be way more generic.  My blog is basically about me and my life and the sometimes random things that sit around in my head or the things I come up with on the spot (like this post for instance).

I don’t think it is necessary to have an overall theme or topic for a blog.  In many ways I find that concept to be limiting.  I used to do a video blog with a friend and we only had one topic.  It went well but there were plenty of times I wish I could talk about the latest hockey game or movie I saw.  Of course there is always the opposite problem.  When you have a world of things to talk about, sometimes it’s hard to pick one.

This season is probably to blame for my current musings.  Spring brings about feelings, fist of excitement and promise, then of guilt (almost immediately).  There is always so much I want to do and accomplish.  Clean the house, work on the car, get back into shape, spend more time outside, ride my bike more places, the list is always long and I usually only scratch the surface.  I doubt I’m alone in this, but the promise is so great and the let down so harsh.

I can’t stand the heat.

I am not a person who is naturally drawn outside.  I don’t think I have ever been.  I like the inside and the dark and the fridge.  I could not leave my house until there was no food left and I would be perfectly happy.  There is always another movie to watch and another excuse to stay home.  Part of my problem is that I can’t stand the heat.  I live in a climate where the winters can be cold (not out west cold, but pretty cold) and the summers are often viciously hot and muggy.  Honestly I would rather deal with the cold.  At least you can do something about the cold.  Wear a coat, move around, dress in layers.  What can you do about the heat except for not move or go back inside?

I went kind of all over the place this week, but I suppose that’s what can happen when you don’t have a theme for you blog.  Each post is its own animal and will go where it likes.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  It might make for a more interesting read.



2 thoughts on “The First Days of Spring

  1. JO

    I thought your blog had a theme- your life- made of what happens to you, what you think and what you’re figuring out. You are the unifying theme.
    I too can’t stand the heat. My family all have lower than average body temperatures- not good in heat. Really, who believed that every human would have the same body temperature? I have mostly learned to ignore heat, as awful as that sounds to a sensation addict like myself. I guess it’s selective- ignore the unpleasant and accentuate the positive?

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