Smash the Crystal Ball

Blog No. 21

I was asked a very good question the other day.  Where are you going?  It’s a good question because it is a difficult question that cuts right to the source.  At least that’s how I took the question, the real answer might have been the Post Office (I need stamps).  The complicated answer that I brought upon myself is that I haven’t decided.  I have made a lot of decisions in my life, about my life.  Some of those have been about where I plan on going, but I either don’t follow through or I come up against the immovable object.  (What I see as an immovable object, or a fancy way to say big barriers).

For now I have made a temporary decision to write.  I have always wanted to write (not necessarily be a writer but those things kind of go hand in hand) so I am working on writing every day with the hopes of actually writing every day and eventually writing a lot every day.  I have no intention to stop progress in other areas, I still want to move in the direction where my education was taking me (though you can make that any where you want I suppose).  The road to my “career” is currently a difficult one, no more difficult that the road to becoming a writer, but I have more control on the writer thing so I am trying to move that way (and take my education with me).

That last paragraph was pretty much a convoluted way of me saying that I am working on my writing because I want to and the career path that I have taken is a slow going one and I think I can take some energy away from there and put it onto writing and not slow my progress that much.  I think it was convoluted because I was working it out as I wrote.  Not a bad way of going about it, and hopefully you got a little joy out of following along with me.

So I am going in a couple of different directions (which is perfectly valid) and as for my writing, I am trying to get it up to where I think my stories are.  This leads me to the second question I was asked – what am I doing? I suppose I have more control over this one.  (You’d think at least).  I seem to be doing not enough, or too much of nothing productive.  I have mentioned that I consider myself a story teller before a writer.  The whole notion of me writing is a way to get my stories told.  I think my ideas and plots are pretty good but my writing needs a lot or work (work that only comes out of writing, like this blog and Adventure worlds).  I also need to work on my structure, which can be improved as well as the writing by writing.  It’s all a neat little package when you do the work.

I have a lot of plans to do other things.  I have had some pretty good ideas for graphic novels and movies, but those rely on the skills of other people so the few times I have attempted to pursue them they have fallen through (admittedly it is usually as much my fault as the other people).  So my focus has stuck with writing (which relies on only me) and short stories which I have more of a knack for than longer pieces and allows me to explore more of my ideas and try out different styles.  Though I am still finding my voice and all that.  So, where am I going, I am heading towards both writing and my hopeful future career.  What am I doing, as far as my writing, I am doing just that, writing.  As far as striving for a job, that takes a whole lot more work.


On a side note I love how the save button on word (at least the version that I use) is still a floppy disk.  It is a neat idea to think that the icon used to be a symbol for a physical thing and now it has transformed into a concept and means almost the same thing.  Maybe I’ll do a blog about that one day, probably not, what else is there to say?

3 thoughts on “Smash the Crystal Ball

  1. JO

    planting seeds, waiting for them to grow, nurturing them- all in the hope that one day they will bloom or bear fruit- it’s gardening, isn’t it?

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