Good times, good times…

Blog No. 20

So I went to Guelph for St. Patrick’s weekend.  (P.S. It’s a whole weekend now for some reason.  I think this year it is because it was on a Sunday).  I’d like to be able to tell you that because I am a writer that I like to sip single malt scotch and hang out in the study wearing a smoking jacket discussing literary theory.  I don’t (other than the occasional discussion on lit theory) and in fact because of some complications I am not really supposed to drink much alcohol at all.

beerUsually that isn’t much of a problem for me, but I am a man who enjoys a nice pint (I like my beer like I like my coffee, dark, bitter and preferably pretentious).  So when a day like St. Patrick’s Day comes along I tend to break loose of my bond and go a little over board, which is what I did (in spades).  I had a weekend of amazing food, too much beer and just enough board games.

It was nice to be able to get away, I managed to get to Toronto a few times last summer, but due to differing obligations and winter weather I haven’t made a trip north in for some time.  I love making the trip, I love seeing my friends (and often making new ones) but one of my favorite parts is the drive.  Even though it takes me some times twice as long I almost always take the back way (avoiding the 401).  It is such a great feeling zooming down the curving roads and passing through small towns.

It was a great weekend full of things that I like, and I suffered for it (reasonably I suppose).  I had to work early Monday morning and, though my mind may have been reluctantly willing, my body struggled (like I seem to be struggling to get to the point).  I think the point is that as I get older, my ability (and willingness) to go though the suffering part is waning.  My back hurts from two days in my little car, my liver hurts from too much (is there such a thing) beer and I had two solid days of 1000 lb eyelids.

I have never been a very outgoing person but I used to be much more open to a last minute night out, even when I had to work early the next day.  I am at a crossroads now.  I am not as young as I once was, but I am still living the life of a bachelor – mostly.  I am torn with wanting to go out and preferring to get to bed early (either by necessity or choice).  The problem is that I sometimes desire to go out, but the act of staying in is usually more palatable.  Luckily for me my brother is much more apt to go out and he sometimes drags me along if I want to go or not.  I almost always end up having a good time, but I suffer for it in the morning.  Morning Ben is perpetually pissed with night Ben.

I think it is important to strike a balance though.  Sometimes the suffering is worth the experiences, even if the night wasn’t even all that fun.  If you go out often enough you’ll stumble upon that one magical night (or one great weekend with your friends in Guelph) where everyone has come out and the band is in top form, and maybe you run into that girl you’ve had your eyes on.  But go out too much and you end up a zombie and start to fear the mornings.  Of course there is always coffee.

A word on stories:

I have finally finished one.  It is posted in two parts on Adventure Worlds (link is to the right of this page).  It took a little longer than I hoped (or would be reasonable), but it’s done.  Check it out and maybe leave me a comment.  Now to work on the next one.

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