Writing is Hard (He he he, Hard)

Blog No. 18

I think I have reached the point where my enthusiasm is starting to wane and the actual work of writing is starting to get the better of me.  I am getting fewer ideas for these blogs and I am having a lot more trouble getting my fiction writing done. I am already a week behind getting my story up on Adventure Worlds.  (A website you should check out and enjoy by the way. The link is on the side of this page).  I’m not sure if it has been a reasonable amount of time for that to happen or not.

I am thinking not. It has been two months and what I was doing in January with next to no effort, I find in March is taking a lot of energy, planning and sitting at the keyboard staring at the screen with an expression as blank as the post.  (See I’m resorting to trying to be clever with what I say because I am running out of things to say).  I know this is only a temporary problem. I will catch another wind soon enough and have a dozen ideas for posts ready to go.  I do have a few still now, but I find rather than being inspired to write about them, I am deciding which one to try and write about each week.

Rick does it better.

I find that this is an isolated problem with my blog posts.  I still have plenty of fiction ideas and the writing group is even working on an idea for a short web series we hope to film this summer.  I always seem to have too many ideas and not enough focus, but I think the problem with this blog is the way I write them.  As I have pointed out (probably too many times before) I see these posts as rants as much as anything else.  Because of that I seem to need the steam that comes from a topic boiling away inside my head.  When I have that fresh idea that I feel I really want to write about in the moment, the post comes easily and filling a page or two is no problem.  It is as much a hindrance as a benefit.

When I am amped up about something (boom) I get a quick and hopefully interesting post for you to read.  If the idea has been sitting on a list for a couple weeks and I can’t think of anything better to write about, I fuss with it and plug away and eventually get something that resembles a post (one of my posts at least).  I hope it is still interesting, but because so much more work had to go into making it, the whole thing feels more forced and manufactured to me.  For all I know those posts are the better ones because they needed more thought and effort.  I don’t know.

That’s the thing about art; what you make is only half of the process.  The other half is what the audience either puts onto it or gets out of it.  I honestly believe George Lucas thought the Prequel Trilogy was better than the original.  It isn’t, not by a long shot, but that’s the difference between creator and audience.  What you thing or plan as an artist means nothing to the audience.  I am starting to get off topic, but I think the point is made, or maybe not.  You’re the audience, you tell me.

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