I Just Talk Like This

Blog No. 14

I was working late last night, which isn’t my favorite thing to do (the working or late) and three people pointed out to me that I had a cold.  Thing is, I don’t.  I haven’t had a cold in months, but I get that all the time.  I know that I have allergies, and sometimes I get sniffly, but people tell me it’s how I sound.  It makes me wonder if it’s something to do with how I look that makes people think I’m sick, but it happens over the phone as much as it does in person.  (I have to admit, I am more concerned with my looks than I would like, but who isn’t?  No really, if you aren’t, I’d like to know.  It’ll give me something to strive for).

I’ve always though I had a pretty nice voice.  I tend to get random complements from strangers, (almost as much as I get told I must be sick).  I used to be on the radio (it was only for like five months, and I was technically freelancing, but I did have a “radio voice”) so I’ve had training in inflection and tone.  But that doesn’t seem to be enough.  I can’t shake the comments that I sound like I have a cold.

There might be something to the age of the people making the comments.  They are always older, and often women.  Maybe it’s some maternal thing, but I always want to tell them to mind their own business.  I know most of the time people are just trying to be nice, but I’m the private type of person who doesn’t like to share anything with strangers, even if they are just trying to be nice. (I know, how private can I be with a blog, but I get to divulge only what I want here).

“Mind your own business,” I scream in my head while politely telling them, “No, it’s just how I sound.”

I think there is a definite age gap in the people who feel comfortable pointing things like, “You’ve got a cold eh?” (I realize I’m having a hard time letting it go, but it’s seriously all the time).  I’m not one to start analyzing the trend and blame new technology for ruining the way people interact (it’s not my place, and I really don’t mind the solitude).  I’m just pointing out that it’s always older people.  They probably mean well, and just want to share some connection with another person, but it seems so forward and invasive.  (Invasive?  I think that’s the word I want to use.  I may update it in the future; I have the power).  I should probably just relax and enjoy the attention, (I do love me attention), but this might be one of those little things that I blow out of proportion and let it fester for years until I’m old enough to understand.

Besides, if I were sick, you’d know it, because I’d probably be at home, in bed.

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