The Resurfacing

Blog No. 10

Before I get into the post proper, I want to take a moment to explain why I think this title is both funny and creative.  Clearly it’s been a while since I posted something, (an understatement I know), and this post is like the beginning of a new era or something.  So I though the title reminds me of a horror movie that had a ton of sequels, but has been dormant for like a decade or something.  So the title would be lame like The Resurfacing, and that’s what I titled this.  So it’s funny.

Polka-Dot-Door for the win!
Polka-Dot-Door for the win!

So, I’ve been working on another blog that I share with a couple of other writers, though, the way it looks right now they could be imaginary, or like Polkaroo, (it’s sad how long he took me to figure out, more on that in another post).  But the point is, I mentioned this blog and came over to look at the state it’s in and I was really disappointed with myself.  I had a few real followers, and when things got tough, I just left them behind.  What a jerk.  So, I am hoping to rectify that by getting this going again.  I can’t say how often I’ll be writing on here, but I can safely say, posts will happen on a semi regular basis.  I owe those few brave readers that much.

Between the two blogs I hope to be posting something each week.  How that works out remains to be seen because one of those post is going to be a whole story, and that takes time, (takes me time anyway).  The good thing is that if things work out, I will have two other writers putting up posts on their own blogs and our shared one.  And trust me, if you like what I write, you will at least have a mild interest in what they write.  By that I mean, we have similar interests etc. but we all have different writing styles and you might like one style over the others, which might mean you like their style way more than mine, (but I doubt it).  Kidding, I’m just kidding about that last parenthesis.  That’s good odds for you.  No more waiting on my lazy ass to post stuff.  If I am being lame and don’t post something one week, you will have other kick ass posts to keep you busy.  Plus stories!  I already have one up on our shared blog, (  I have another one that needs to be typed out too, but who knows how long that’ll take, (not that long, I promise).

The friends I am sharing that blog with are:

Justin, ( and

Christian, (, who has a particularly awesome name for his blog.

As I write this their blogs are in about the same shape mine is, but hopefully by the time I post it, they will be at the same place I am in the getting shit together department.  But check out their stuff, it’s good, I like it.

Also, things have happened in my life.  Exciting things that would be interesting to write about, and if I do my part right, to read about too!  I can share that stuff and the crazy thoughts that stroll in and out of my brain, (part of why I started to blog in the first place).  Plus, stories!  Real ones that I have finished and you can read and judge me base on, (if you remember the first few posts, or go back to read them, the big reason why I started to blog).

The Fillmore
The Fillmore

I was back stage at the Fillmore in Detroit, I got to see, and hang out with, The Killjoys in Hamilton, I met and Intergalactic Space President, fell in love with a stranger, found the secret to eternal life, (but promptly forgot it), got to supply teach in a private school, read a bunch of interesting books I can write about, quit a job, but started two more and I made up some of those things!  But I am going to write about the true ones, and things like, why Halloween is the best holiday, (but can be a huge let down), when is it a good time to punch someone in the face, (the answer is never, no matter how much they deserve it), and how Polkaroo made me feel like a chump, (like I mentioned earlier).  Also, I’ll explain why I use so many parentheses.

To those of you I left behind, I’m truly sorry if you started to look forward to my posts and I totally disappeared.  I hope I can win back your readership with an expansion of this single blog into a collective.  For those of you who stumble upon the blog at this post, give it a few reads.  Jump over to the other blogs and check them out.  If you like what you read, (or even dislike something), let me know, (I always appreciate it) and I’ll do my best to stay ahead of the game and post stuff in a reasonable amount of time.  I really can go on and on, so there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do it in written form.

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