Words on the Page

Blog No. 6

A friend of mine recently asked me what I was reading.  Working in a bookstore, (as I currently do), I get that question often from customers and coworkers.  After thinking about this question, I had the idea to note some of the books I’m reading, and some I have newly finished, here on my blog, (with limited commentary on why I chose the books and what I think of them).  You might find some of this interesting, you might not, but at least I’m writing something.

Sleepwalk With Me and other painfully true stories – Mike Birbiglia

This was the last book I finished and I had been looking forward to it for some time.  Mike Birbiglia is a hilarious comedian and actor, and happens to be a favorite of mine.  After my friend took me his Toronto show last summer I was itching to get my hands on his book.  Once it was released in October I snatched it up quickly and eagerly and wasn’t disappointed.  I was more, (and in some ways less) than I had expected, but it was a ride.

Birbiglia delves fearlessly into his past with funny, intimate and touching stories that most people wouldn’t tell their friends.  The personal dialogue makes you feel like he is talking just to you, and that maybe, you should keep it all to yourself.  My problem with the book is one of those cheesy “my complaint is actually a compliment” things that people spout, but it’s too short.

Honestly the book would be better if there was more of it.  The ending comes up on you fast and the whole thing is over kind of abruptly.  It is still a great read and I recommend it to everyone, even if you’ve never heard of Birbigs before.

Next time: The Age of Persuasion

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