An (Enigmatic) Introduction, sort of…

Some people would take a look at where I’m in my life and say that I am at a crossroads.  Others would declare that I’m lazy.  Neither of those descriptions is exactly wrong, but that suggests they aren’t exactly right either.

At School Far Away

I am lazy no one doubts that.  I used to have an excuse, but that’s for another time.  I’m at what can be called a crossroads, sort of.  I have made a decision, but only half of one.

Well, that isn’t exactly true.  I don’t think anyone would have an easy task of explaining what’s going on in his or her world.  I have hopes to do things in my life.  I’m closer to some and some are “smarter” than others.

Anyone else know what they want to do but can’t make up their mind what that is.  I think it is more than just wanting two things.  I want both and both are hard to do and other things are hard to get out of.

I say I am at a rest stop.  I’m trying to do what I want to do but it’s difficult, but I’m also doing what I have to do so I can do what’s “smart” and I kind of want to do that too.  I just really don’t want to be here.


I’m Ben and I’ll be your blogger for the next little while.  I won’t be so inscrutable for all the posts, but I’m as confused about the situation as anyone.

I don’t expect a lot of people to be interested in the things I ramble about, but if you are please encourage me.  I’d like that.

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